Tolstoy is chosen by Metro Austria as a partner for their 50-years anniversary ad campaign

Building reliable supply chain with continuous quality assurance is one of the key elements of successful restaurant business. It is even more important, when you want to reach scale and build a chain and a franchise across the whole Europe – as we want at Tolstoy :)

That is why we are happy to work together with a partner like Metro, who since we started our business went above and beyond to increase their assortment of plant-based products and find items for us, which had not been readily available in the Austrian market.

So, when Metro offered us to feature Tolstoy as the only restaurant in their 50-years anniversary ad campaign to be aired on the Austrian national television as well as in all of their Austrian shops - we said “Of course!” Here is one of the several videos, which were made.

Thank you, Metro, and cheers to growing together!