Sales Overview March 2021

Here are Tolstoy results for March, and we are really proud of them. In 26 days that the restaurant was open we achieved over 62.000 € in revenues. Average daily revenue was around 2.400 €.

text Bare in mind this is happening during total lockdown in Austria, when people don’t have anywhere to go (everything is closed, except of supermarkets and pharmacies), people work from home, sit-in dining is forbidden and take-away after 7 pm is also forbidden (don’t ask me why). Still, Tolstoy is breaking revenue records.

Vienna just introduced even stricter lockdown rules, including masks outside for the popular areas in the city center (like Karlsplatz, which is close to us). This has already hit our takeaway revenues in the past 2 days, since people started to avoid the city center completely preferring to take a walk elsewhere.

But we are already working on the software-driven solution to compensate for this loss – more details coming soon :)